Winterize the Boat – Tune up the Body

Winterize the Boat – Tune up the Body

Cold weather moving in, boat out of the water being winterized, and the water turning cold.  Winter is approaching and it is approaching fast.  What do you do with your time off from being on the water?  Let’s tune up the body and prepare for the next season.  Of course,with me living in Florida, I really do not have to put up the boards and boat to prepare for winter but since I am getting my new boat in the spring, I thought I would handle the winter as if I was a little further north.  So I am taking this time to make sure that when I do get on the water I have the stamina to play all day long and  to avoid injuries.

The last time I was seriously on the water wakeboarding was a few years ago.  I was getting major air and came down wrong.  The board took edge and my right knee kept going forward.   Lets just say it took a few people to get me out of the boat for my trip to the hospital.  Since I want to get back into wakeboarding and also introduce wakesurfing, I really want to focus on my stamina and knees.  Oh, by the way, I am 51 so I need to keep up on my total physical health as well.

What is my work out routine? Well, the focus is on stamina, strength, and knees.  I hit the gym everyday during the week except for one day where I focus on stretching at home.  When I am at the gym I focus on a muscle group: legs, chest, arms, back and shoulders.  I do 5 lifting routines for each muscle group with three sets per routine and reps 10 to 15.  Then in between each set I will do a cardio type workout, whether it focuses on the knees or core.  The trick is to keep moving with little rest between sets.  I go through different routines every three to four weeks just to keep it interesting and work different muscle groups.  Then at the end of the workout I stretch for 15 to 20 minutes with focus on the legs and knees.  If you want more specifics, you can definitely email me or leave a comment.  I can go into greater detail if asked.

One more thing, do not forget to eat properly too.  Nutrition is the key to the whole operation.  You probably heard it before but I will say it again, 80% eating right and 20% hitting the gym. I know, it is the holiday and we put on the pounds from the festivities but why do all the above just to be ruined by bad foods.  Stay focused, plan properly around hitting grandma’s table and we can get through this.

Who is with me?  We have to stay focus on the spring, before you know it the cover is coming off the boat and we are back on the water.  And on that first day I want to beat up the day, not let the day beat me up.


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