March to the Beat of My Own Drum

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March to the Beat of My Own Drum

This is my first blog posting on Malibubu Enterprise. This will probably reflect the theme of my existence and Malibubu Enterprise from here forward. As I go throughout my day it seems to me and I am sure to others that are around me, that I march to the beat of a different drum, my own drum. What I am trying to say is I really don’t follow the mainstream habits that surround me every day. My self being is a little bit different than the people I am associated with. Maybe I have a different focus, definitely different ideals.

While at work I listen in and sometimes participate in the conversations that often come up. The conversations about one’s health and particularly about getting into shape or losing a few pounds. I hear about the ailments that everyone has and then almost every time, like on cue for a sitcom, they all get a laugh out of the meals they had the night before that may be a cause to the list of ailments that they just got done discussing. The conversation winds down and as the fellow employees begin to depart to their work stations I usually get a comment directed towards me about what I do in reference to the way I eat or my fitness regime. Many more comments come while I eat my lunch in the common area. Most comments are curiosity. There is one individual that always seems to want to poke a hole in my nutrition plan and what I am currently chowing down on. Of course that individual has the shape of a couch potato.

Why does it seem I march to the beat of my own drum? I look around my environment and the people I associate with, this has convinced me that the mainstream is failing. So why should I want to follow it because apparently it is not working. I do not have the ailments and visiting the doctor is rare. My weight is where I want it to be. My blood markers are where they should be. I don’t have an issue with becoming a diabetic. I am not tired in the middle of the day. I have enough energy to play with my kids, most of the time I have more energy than them. So, is my march to my drum different or is it the beat that everyone should follow? My opinion, maybe my drum should be the orchestra’s lead.

This is what my blog is all about. It will be about what I follow, what I believe in when it comes to health and fitness. I will share my progress as I continue my ventures. Please join in with your comments or questions. So now it is time, let’s get to work with Malibubu Enterprise.

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