Who is Malibubu?


Who is Malibubu?  Well it is me of course.  Malibubu being a nickname given to me a long time ago.  What am I doing here? Well, this domain has been many different things, from a fantasy football league page to a transformation fitness page.  Now I believe I am going to make this a blogging website on my venture to complete one of my dreams.  The dream to get my own wake board inboard boat, again.

I have had inboard boats in the past but it seems like something in life always got in the way sooner or later and it did not last long.   But what great times I did have when the availability was there.  I had great passion with being out on the water skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding and even bare footing.   After lots of begging, kissing up, keeping up with my “honey to do list” and the all important massages during TV watching, I now have the permission from the beautiful queen to begin the processing of looking for that perfect boat.

So following me as I begin the venture in obtaining all the equipment that will be needed for fun days with the family.  Watch as I prepare and research for the big purchase to the point it is being pulled home for the first time.  Get ready to experience, along with me, the powerful joy as I pull away from the dock the first time with the family gang aboard.  Then after all that is said and done, you probably will get tired of all my postings of the many and I mean many hours on the water.


Experience the Butta

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