About Malibubu


What is Malibubu Enterprise?  Malibubu is a nickname given to me along time ago and the enterprise part?  I look at my journey to achieve good health and fitness as an enterprise, as my own personal manufacturing company.   The food I supply my body is the materials that are needed by my company to manufacture a product.  The product my company is manufacturing is a healthy fit body.  And as with any company you have R&D, research and development, a constant exploration to improve my product.

In 2007 a picture was taken of me at an event.  Once I saw the image, that was the day the enterprise was created.  My business’s first product was the same product that almost all of us want, to lose weight.  The business was pretty successful.  In three months I lost 70 pounds.  The program that got me started was the famous Beachbody P90X.  Great program!  What it did for my business was it got me back to basics.  It reminded me how to work out and focus on nutrition.  I stayed with Beachbody products and programs for years.


Soon after 2009, Malibubu Enterprise got comfortable and soon forgot it’s mission statement.  The key product of weight loss, well, lost it’s value.  That was because Malibubu Enterprise did not invest in a R&D department.  So, in 2011 a partnership was created with Denise Cooke.  Denise, my wife, was in charge of research and development.  Soon afterwards MetaChange was created and operated by Denise.  Denise has studied Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and is a Primal Expert.

With the help of MetaChange, my business is constantly working on creating a better product.  Every day is a learning process, to try and improve the product that Malibubu Enterprise is going to deliver.  A better product means a longer and healthy life.  So, what is the new and improved product to come out of Malibubu Enterprise?  We will have to wait and see.


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