Got to have the equipment

Got to have the equipment

We may not have the boat yet but it is coming.  Just because we do not have does not mean we can not prep for the first day on the water.  Since it has been awhile since the last time I was on the water with my own boat, I need to get all the equipment again.  Also, there is new things I want to learn, such as wake surfing.  So we begin the process of getting everything we need.  I have some time as I figured the new boat won’t come until around April of next year.  With that said, let us begin the building of all the equipment we need.

Below is the list I put together of what I figured is everything I want.  Now I do not have to get everything on the list, but I will start with wake surfing, wakeboarding and of course got to get the tube for the crazy fun family stuff.

Tube Tube
Tow rope
Wakesurfing Wakesurfer
Tow rope
Wave shaper
Wakeboarding Wakeboard male
Wakeboard female
Tow rope
Misc Life jacket male (L)
Life jacket female (S)
Life jacket female (L)
Life jacket male (XL)
Life jacket (Pack of 4)
Throw cushion
Fire extinguisher
Marine whistle
Barefooting Barefoot boom
Tow rope
Barefoot shorts

I have budgeted out what the expected expenses could be and you can review this by going to this page:

Equipment Budget and Progress

Now my goal is to save money where I can so there will be a lot of looking on craiglist and other areas.  Also, as I said before, some items will wait until later on because we really do not need it to start the adventures on the water.

So keep track on my progress as I begin to collect everything I need.


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